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Jeff believes that he was redeemed during a tornado warning in Kansas City, KS in 1983. However, he isn’t sure whether he believed God would save him from his sins or from the tornado. He’s still around, so God did both. He grew up in a more legalistic tradition, singing solos at church and at his Christian school. He began leading worship his freshman year of high school singing songs like “I Wanna Live for the Mighty Lord” (to the tune of “I Like that Old Time Rock and Roll). Thankfully, his musical taste improved at Belmont University in Nashville, TN where he pursued a Music Business degree.

Throughout high school and college, Jeff was writing songs. He refined his songwriting in the years after college while traveling from retreat to camp to conference to lead worship. Also during this time, God (through Grace Community Church) was introducing him to concepts like His sovereignty, His mystery, and His grace.

He was invited to become the Director of Worship at Grace Community Church in 2002, and since then has learned the importance of gospel-centered, God-exalting songs in congregational singing. He has seen the impact that such songs have long-term in individual hearts at Grace. He has also led conferences overseas for missionaries who were so hungry for the meat of hymns and spiritual songs in English (their heart language) that they sang their hearts out and let the tears fall. His newfound goal in life is to resource the Western church with such songs and to see people from all over the globe singing praise to God in their own languages and redeemed cultures.

Jeff married Kelly in 2004, and they have two daughters, Lucy and Ella. They live in and love Nashville, TN.
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