Awake, My Dear Brethren

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This hymn for ministers of the Gospel was adapted from a text found in "Primitive Hymns".


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Awake, my dear brethren who trust in the Lord,
Obey your commission to preach from His Word:
Go teach all the nations and baptize each one
Who trusts in the Father and Spirit and Son.

Be sober, be prudent, be watchful in prayer
And be their examples of piety here
That others, beholding the works that you do
May glorify Jesus in righteousness too.

Be faithful, dear brethren, and stand for His cause
And preach for His honor, and not for applause;
Watch over your life and stand up for the truth
And suffer as freely as He did for you.

And when the great day of redemption is here
And Jesus, in splendor, to all men appears
This glorious Redeemer to you will recite:
‘Well done, faithful servant, come taste my delights!’

Text: Unknown / David L. Ward, © 2008
Tune: PROTECTION (How Firm a Foundation), Joseph Funk (1832)


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