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A setting of Psalm 90 that won the 2012 Church of the Servant New Psalm Contest.


God of the Ages and Lord of Creation,
Refuge and Dwelling of each generation,
Before the light caused the darkness to vanish
And mountains rose up, in power established,
From everlasting unto everlasting
You are our Father, yes You are our God.

God of the Ages, our ev'ry transgression
Kindles Your holy and just indignation.
Our race bears witness of Your perfect justice,
Lives full of labor slip quickly to darkness.
Teach us to number the days You have given
That we might live with a wise, humble heart.

God of the Ages, though judgment is certain,
In love You sent us Your only begotten–
Jesus, the righteous, bore sin's dreadful sentence,
That You might save us by faith and repentance.
Your works have shown us a grace that amazes,
Moving Your people to sing of Your love.

God of the Ages, return and have mercy;
For Your compassion and love we are thirsty.
May joy and favor in Christ be our blessing
As You establish the work of our calling.
You are our Sov'reign and Mighty Sustainer,
Now and forever our Dwelling secure.

Words & Music by David L. Ward
© 2012 ThousandTongues.org, admin Thousand Tongues
Winner of the Church of the Servant 2012 New Psalm Contest, in memory of Ben Fackler


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