A Lamp to Guide My Feet

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This song is drawn directly from Psalm 119:97-112 and does a good job of capturing the beauty of How God has expressed how we are to view His Word, the Bible. Not only is it to be a lamp to our feet (a now well-known phrase), but should be our daily teacher, our anchor, it should be precious to us, and we should rely on its promises.


O how I love Your law, my Teacher every day:
In all the woes of life, my wisdom and my stay.

What understanding broad expands my willing mind:
So far beyond all else that in this world I find.

A lamp to guide my feet, a light upon my way:
This perfect Word will I, with all my heart, obey.

How sweet the words of God, revealing from above
Such views of things divine, such grace, and power, and love.

In dangers and in trials, its promises I prove;
Hold fast its counsels sure with gratitude and love.

Words from the Evangelical Psalter. Music by David L. Ward. Based on Psalm 119:97-112.
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