Come, You Who Seek a Sure Relief

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Jesus is uniquely able to relieve all those who come to him despairing of self and trusting in Him. He not only endured every human struggle, trial, and emotion, but he is Divine and knows our innermost thoughts and pains. You will find him again and again throughout the Scriptures inviting others, even pleading with others, to come to him for the sure relief that only he can offer. May we be captivated by his words of invitation and draw near to His heart today.


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Come, you who seek a sure relief
In trouble or distress,
Whatever sorrow vex the mind,
Or guilt the soul oppress;
For Jesus gave Himself for us
Upon the cross to die,
Unfolds to us His sacred heart
So to that heart draw nigh,
So to that heart draw nigh.

Come hear how kindly He invites,
And hear His words so blest:
"All you who labor, come to Me,
And I will give you rest."
Then captivated by these words
To Jesus we shall fly
For all who hope in Him alone
He never shall deny,
He never shall deny.

Come wash your wounds in that dear blood
Which from the Lord did flow;
The Savior grants us grace and hope,
Abundant life bestows.
Praise Him who with the Father sits
Enthroned upon the skies;
Whose blood redeems our souls from guilt,
Whose Spirit sanctifies,
Whose Spirit sanctifies.

Words by Edward Caswall (1814-78) & David L. Ward. Music by David Ward.
© 2014, admin by Thousand Tongues


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Very nice song. Moving lyrics and tune. Nice key and range for your voice. Brings out some subtle timbres I have not noticed before. You keep getting better!
» Rick Owen on March 10th, 2015
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