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This is a song about the freedom, joy, and rest that is found in trusting in the righteousness of Jesus, and nothing else, to make us acceptable to God. We tried to capture the relaxed, care-free yet joyful feeling that these lyrics convey through the back-porch style simple folk melody. This song would work best with lots of laughter, foot stomping, and people basking in the love and acceptance of God for them in Jesus despite how well they sing or play the guitar!


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Complete in Thee! no work of mine
May take, dear Lord, the place of Thine;
Through Jesus' blood I was set free
And I am now complete in Thee.

Complete in Thee- my only rest
Is Jesus' blood and righteousness.
His life and death my only plea-
Forevermore complete in Thee.

Complete in Thee- each want supplied,
And no good thing to me denied;
In Jesus I content will be,
I ask no more, complete in Thee.

Words by Aaron Wolfe (1821-1902), Jake Armerding, & David L. Ward. Music by Jake & David.
© 2013, adminby Thousand Tongues.


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