So I Will Sing

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This is a powerful song about depression and is based on Psalm 13. We often feel relationally distant from God because of our sin - our hearts feel cold, we cannot remember or see blessing, we become unthankful. But God has given us a remedy in His word - to sing, even if we do not feel like it, and to remember His goodness to us. In fact, when we fully remember how good He has been we will see our gloom "shamed" away!


O Lord, at times my heart is cold, no blessing can I see;
No warmth of Your protecting love, no comfort shines on me.

How long will You conceal Your face, so far away I stand;
With deep'ning sadness, and with trials and scorn at ev'ry hand?

So I will sing, whate'er I feel, for all You are to me;
Your bounteous dealings, O so kind! will shame my gloom away,
Will shame my gloom away.

O Lord my God, consider me, I fear the final sleep,
I long to taste Your pow'r and love, and living feelings keep.

Lord, help me dwell upon my life, and praise You for the past;
Reflect on all Your love to me, that I may feel at last.

Words from the Evangelical Psalter. Music by David L. Ward. Based on Psalm 13.
© 2002, admin by Thousand Tongues.


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