The Blood and Righteousness of Christ

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This song, an adaptation of the well-known and loved hymn "Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness," extols the beauty and virtue of both the blood and righteousness of Jesus. The doctrine of double imputation teaches that not only the suffering and death of Jesus was credited to us (i.e. He died in our place), but also His perfect record of obedience, or His righteousness. As we sing this song, we proclaim and cherish the role of this gift of righteousness both now and in the world to come. It is pictured as a garment that will never wear out, forever spotless and ever able to make us acceptable before our holy God. When we face the great judgment, this righteousness will be our only hope and shall allay any charge that might come against us. In the final verse, the original declaration of faith has been changed to a prayer to keep trusting in the blood and righteousness of Christ despite our often weak faith. The picture of joining all of creation to shout the glories of Jesus' work takes our attention from ourselves and our own struggle to appropriate His righteousness and onto the way in which He is reconciling all of creation to Himself.


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The blood and righteousness of Christ,
My beautiful, my glorious dress-
Beyond this world, in these arrayed,
I shall, with joy, lift up my head.
This spotless robe the same appears
When ruined nature sinks in years;
No age can change its glorious hue,
The robe of Christ is ever new.

When from the dust of earth I rise
To take my mansion in the skies,
His work alone shall be my plea:
"My Jesus lived and died for me."
I need not fear the Judgment Day-
No charge against me shall remain
For Jesus' blood removes my blame
From sin's tremendous curse and shame.

Lord, help my wand'ring heart believe
Your blood is on the mercy seat
Forever pleading innocence
For those who hide in its defense
Then join the saints, in Christ adorned,
Proclaiming now with one accord:
"The Lamb of God has ransomed us
By His own blood and righteousness."

Original words by Nikolaus Von Zinzendorf (tr. John Wesley).
Updated/additional lyrics & music by Jeff Bourque & David L. Ward.
© 2014, admin by Thousand Tongues


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