God calls the church to pass on the responsibility of leadership to each new generation, raising up men and women with strong biblical foundations for leadership, experience walking with God serving His people, and saturated with wisdom that comes from humbly submitting and learning from older believers. We believe that God has called us to be stewards of the vision for worship He has given us. This means that we will look for opportunities to include and develop others in the areas of music and worship leadership. And this doesn’t just mean those who are younger, but those who have a humble eagerness to use their gifts to glorify God and equip His church.

Our College-Level Course

A key part of our strategy to train others is found in our course "Planning and Leading Gathered Worship" which we teach regularly. This class involves 15 hours of lecturing, reading about the equivalent of two medium sized books on worship, and a final project consisting of planning a worship service. It can be taken in-person at Redeemer Bible Church and lasts 7 weeks. David is also willing to teach digitally via Skype, or travel to teach the course in a two-day intensive. Contact us to see the syllabus or to ask about how you might be able to take the class.

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