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We don't often post songs that aren't directly related to Christian worship (though if understood broadly, any song can be a "worship song"), but this time we're going to share a song and ask for your help. A friend tipped me off to a songwriting contest that Martin Guitars is having this month, and though I managed to write a song and submit it the same day I found out about it, there's not much time left for voting. The idea of the contest was to write a 2-3m song with the word "lifespan" in it and post a recording (with guitar) to YouTube. I decided to write a blues song based on Psalm 90 and some themes in Ecclesiastes in order to share bits of the gospel to whomever happens upon this song whether through Martin's website or just through YouTube. While it's certainly not as overt about the gospel as the songs you might find here that are geared towards public worship, I'm still trying to bear witness to Jesus in the world of singer-songwriters.

Vote for the song here:

Please consider voting for the song. If I win the song will be featured on Martin's website (or YouTube channel) and I'd win a very nice Martin Guitar.

And in case you caught it, the webcam recording software I used somehow flipped the image... I'm not left-handed!

Here are the lyrics. The second verse made the song too long for their contest (3m) but I'm including it here anyway.

The seasons change, mountains rise,
Clouds appear in ev'ry corner of my skies.
My days pass by, my secrets known,
My lifespan races on, all I can do is groan.
From dust we came, to dust we shall,
Return as quickly as we came.

{The wind blows in, rivers rush
The wind returns and the sea is never hushed.
What has been done will come again
There's nothing new under this tireless sun.
From dust we came, to dust we shall,
Return as quickly as we came.}

It is vanity, vanity, vanity,
This is vanity, vanity, vanity.

Where can I go to end this strife,
To find the meaning of my temporary life.
For a thousand years there's been a place-
Men sought their Maker for His mercy and His grace.
Return, O Lord, reveal Your works
And make our days of darkness glad.

He saw our strife, He saw our pain,
He saw our waywardness, our self-appointed reign.
In love He came, rich became poor,
He lived in toil and pain though innocent and pure.
From life He came, to death He went,
To rescue us from vanity.
From life He came, to death He went,
To rescue us from vanity.

From our vanity, vanity, vanity,
From our vanity, vanity, vanity.


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Nice work, David! I voted for the'd be great if you could post the chords/lead sheet to this sometime.
» David Fetrow on January 24th, 2012
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