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Whate'er My God Ordains Is Right Whate’er my God ordains is right:  01/11/2012 Updated Hymns
Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken Jesus, I my cross have taken,  08/24/2006 Updated Hymns
By Grace Alone Out of the depths I cry to You,  07/11/2003 Updated Hymns
The Sands of Time Are Sinking The sands of time are sinking,  09/12/2019 Updated Hymns
Now What My Hands Have Done Not what my hands, my hands have done  06/12/2019 Updated Hymns
Higher Than I Awakened as a sinner, to Jesus I come  06/04/2019 Updated Hymns
My Savior Cares Does Jesus care when my heart is pained  06/03/2019 Updated Hymns
I Rest My Weary Soul in Thee O love that wilt not let me go,  02/11/2019 Updated Hymns
Beneath the Cross Beneath the cross of Jesus  11/26/2018 Updated Hymns
The Day the Lord Has Made Behold the Day the Lord has made! 07/22/2015 Updated Hymns
All Praise and Glory All praise to God, who reigns above,  05/22/2015 Updated Hymns
Freed from the Law Freed from the law, O happy thought,  05/20/2015 Updated Hymns
Come, You Who Seek a Sure Relief Come, you who seek a sure relief 02/09/2015 Updated Hymns
Let Us Go to Bethlehem Let us go to Bethlehem;  02/06/2015 Updated Hymns
When Gathering Clouds When gathering clouds around I view,  02/04/2015 Updated Hymns
Praise Him for His Saving Word Praise to God whose word was spoken 02/03/2015 Updated Hymns
It Is His Sovereign Will It is the Lord, enthroned in light,  01/30/2015 Updated Hymns
The Blood and Righteousness of Christ The blood and righteousness of Christ, 05/22/2014 Updated Hymns
Jesus' Work Is Done! Nothing, either great or small–  05/07/2014 Updated Hymns
Awake, Glad Soul Awake, glad soul! awake! awake!  05/06/2014 Updated Hymns
Your Love Remains I hear the words of love, I gaze upon the blood-  05/01/2014 Updated Hymns
Lift Up Thy Bleeding Hand When wounded sore, the stricken soul  04/07/2014 Updated Hymns
This Is Happiness to Me Tis my happiness below  03/27/2014 Updated Hymns
My Savior's Side There is a lasting home 01/21/2014 Updated Hymns
Complete In Thee Complete in Thee! no work of mine  07/29/2013 Updated Hymns
I Am His Loved with everlasting love  11/19/2012 Updated Hymns
I Look to Jesus Why should I fear or disbelieve? 01/13/2012 Updated Hymns
Praise the Lord Who Reigns Above Praise the Lord who reigns above,  05/16/2011 Updated Hymns
I Know I know that my Redeemer liveth,  05/13/2011 Updated Hymns
See the Lord of Glory Dying See the Lord of glory dying!  04/05/2011 Updated Hymns

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