How Beautiful the Mystery

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A Christmas hymn

Permission granted to reprint in nonsalable worship media. All other uses, please contact the author.


How beautiful the mystery:
Th’Eternal Word comes down
To live and love and die and rise,
To claim His victor’s crown.

Content we find Him cradled there
Amongst the filth and beasts.
Who would believe that He will be
Our guide from death to peace!

By angry swords and dark decree
He’s driven from His land.
But still He humbly bows His head
To trust His Father’s hand.

The spotless Lamb lays down His life,
A curse upon a cross.
Then lives that He might guarantee
That no sheep will be lost.

O! May our hearts grow ever fond
Of Mary’s precious boy:
Our Christ, our hope, our heart’s desire,
Our King and Sov’reign Joy!

Text: Eric Schumacher, © 2000


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