Refugee Hymn

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A hymn addressing recent domestic and international violence, refugees searching for safety, nation warring against nation, and political divisiveness, that speaks to God's all encompassing love that is made complete through connection with one another.


Hear the sound of mournful rage
Rising from the wilderness;
Captives held without a cage,
Peace is crushed to bitterness.
As we welcome the displaced,
Showing tenderness and grace,
God of mercy, hear our cry-
Tears of desperation dry.

Violence heaped upon the weak-
See the unsuspecting slain;
Those who wage their terror speak,
Justifying fear and pain.
In Your tenderness and care
We, the church, bring aid and prayer;
Father, you alone can save,
Cast this evil to the grave.

Nations rush to take up arms,
Seeking power, wealth, and fame,
Yet their people suffer harm,
Left in squalor, grief, and shame.
With your kingdom banner high
We will bring the gospel nigh,
Joining hearts and lives in praise
Till Your perfect justice reigns.

See the savior suffering-
Wearing frail humanity,
In the desert wandering
All the way to Calvary.
He has conquered sin and death
Rising with eternal breath;
Now He leads the poor and lame
Into everlasting gain.

© 2016, admin Thousand Tongues
Text by David L. Ward & Eric Wyse
Tune: Aberystwyth (Jesus, Lover of My Soul)


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