A Sweet and Pleasant Providence

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Naomi had set out for Moab with a husband and two sons. Bereaved of all three, she returned insisting she be called Mara (bitter) and not Naomi (pleasant). She was convinced that nothing good could be awaiting in Bethlehem for her or her daughters-in-law. Little did she know, the famine, the deaths, and the emptiness were God's plan to show tremendous kindness to her and Ruth, to Israel, and to the entire world! Through this path of bitter events, the Lord was working out the line of David, the line of Christ, the promised Seed to crush the head of the serpent. May we learn from Naomi's hopelessness and the Lord's kindness to remember that he is working all things (even the darkest storms) together for those who love him and are called according to his purpose.

Hymn Tune

Note that these lyrics can also be sung to the familiar hymn tune "Carol" to which we typically sing the Christmas song, "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear."


Events that seem unfortunate
May often line the way
That God has paved to guide his saints
To bright and happy days.
Naomi’s dismal hopelessness
Was shown to be untrue.
Remember this the next time God
Deals bitterly with you.

In faith let your heart learn to trust
That ’round the corner lies
A sweet and pleasant providence
Designed through sov’reign eyes.
Like Ruth, take refuge in the Lord
And rest beneath His wings,
You do not know what God intends
Nor what his kindness brings.

The cloud is black before it breaks
And dark before it yields
A flood of kindness over you
To bloom your barren field.
So turn your eyes upon the One
That ev’ry good flows from,
For in his great redemptive plan
The best is yet to come!

Words by Eric Schumacher. Music by Jeff Bourque.
© 2013 Manicotti Music/ThousandTongues.org. Administered by Thousand Tongues


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