All That I Owe

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This is a song of gratitude to God for all that He has done for us. God has restored our soul, removed our tears, showered us with His love, even given us His Spirit! How else can we feel but overwhelmed by all that God has given us. As we sing this song, let our prayer be that of the hymn author's - may my life show honor to the God to whom I owe everything.


Redeemed from guilt, redeemed from fears,
My soul restored, and gone my tears,
What can I say, or even sing
For gifts in love You daily bring?

Your Spirit, Lord, to me impart!
Expand, and raise, and fill my heart;
So may my life begin to show
Honor to You for all that I owe.

What can I do, so poor, so weak,
But from Your hands new blessings seek?
A heart to feel my mercies more,
A soul to know whom I adore.

O! teach me at Your feet to fall
And yield to You my life, my all;
Before Your saints my debt to own,
And live and die to You alone!

Words by Henry F. Lyte (1793-1847). Music by David L. Ward. Based on Psalm 116.
© 2002, admin by Thousand Tongues.


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