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This song is based on Psalm 90, and reminds us that, while our lives are but temporary, God is the Rock of Ages. We desire to know this Lord of all our days, and to have our faith's endeavor crowned with glory when we see Him face to face in heaven. This song is a bit challenging for a congregation, but we have enjoyed much success with it at Calvary. We often have the guitar player only play some of the chords, as a piano player is able to handle the amount of chords better.


O God the Rock of ages who evermore has been,
While life's brief tempest rages, our dwelling place serene;
Before the world's creation, O Lord, you were the same,
You've shown to generations, Your everlasting Fame.

Lord, crown our faith's endeavor, with glory and with grace,
'Till, clothed in light forever, we see You face to face;
A joy no language measures, a fountain brimming o'er,
An endless flow of pleasures in Christ for evermore.

O You who cannot slumber, whose light grows never pale,
Teach us aright to number our years before they fail;
So help us find and know You, Your kindness and Your ways;
Our Guide and Friend forever, the Lord of all our days.

Words by Edward H. Bickersteth (1825-1906) and David Ward. Music by David L. Ward. Based on Psalm 90.
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