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There are not many hymns or modern songs about trusting God, yet it is one of the most fundamental aspects of our Christian life. A life of faith is a life of trust - obeying God regardless of our present or expected circumstances. In this song, we pour out our heart to our Lord to tell Him that we trust Him for everything. Not only did we trust Him in salvation, but we continue to trust Him for power to obey, to supply all our real needs, and in the promise of future glory.


I am trusting You, Lord Jesus, trusting only You,
Trusting You for full salvation, free and true.
I am trusting You for pardon: At Your feet I bow,
For Your grace and tender mercy trusting in You now.

I trust You to save me, I trust You to guide me,
I trust You to keep me, I trust You and only You.

I am trusting You to guide me, You alone will lead,
Every day and hour supplying all my need.
I am trusting You for power: Yours can never fail;
Words which You Yourself will give me surely must prevail.

I am trusting You to give me power to obey,
Faith to trust in future glory while here I stay.
I am trusting You, Lord Jesus; Never let me fall;
I am trusting You forever, trusting You for all.

By Frances Havergal (1836-79) & David L. Ward
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Love it! Put it on the list of "songs that people want music for." :) I really like the style of the guitar accompaniment.
» Kristen on June 1st, 2007
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