It Is His Sovereign Will

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The sovereignty of God is often associated with cold determinism, as if some impersonal force of wisdom makes decisions about the course of events without regard for our hopes, dreams, and feelings. This negative association is not benign, however. Our sinful nature resists the idea that there is a higher plan for our lives, and more specifically, resists the idea that there is a ruler over us who has not only plans for us but a claim on how we are to live our lives. This song explores the theme of God's sovereignty and our struggle to accept it. We sing to ourselves that we can trust His sovereign will because God is fair and perfectly righteous. We can trust His will because we know that He makes true blessings flow from affliction if we will only look for them with the eyes of faith through Jesus. And we trust Him to fulfill His promises – promises not simply to give us a comfortable life, but to give us deep and foundational joy, and eventually, to take us safely home to be with Him. So let us celebrate and resign to the Lord's sovereign will as we sing this song.


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It is the Lord, enthroned in light,
Whose claims are all divine,
Who has an undisputed right
To govern me and mine.
It is the Lord- should I distrust,
Or contradict His will?
He cannot do but what is just
And must be righteous still.
It is His sovereign will.

It is the Lord who can sustain
Beneath a crushing load,
From whom assistance I obtain
To walk the thorny road.
It is the Lord whose matchless skill
Can from afflictions raise
Once-hidden blessings that shall fill
My heart and lips with praise.
It is His sovereign will.

It is the Lord- my covenant God,
All glory to his name,
Whose gracious promise, sealed with blood,
Must ever be the same.
It is the Lord who shall fulfill
By providence divine;
So, gracious God, take what you will-
To you I shall resign.
It is His sovereign will.

Words by T.Green & David L. Ward. Music by David Ward.
© 2014, admin by Thousand Tongues


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