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This hymn is based on Psalm 139 and taken from a previous version of Psalms and Hymns of Reformed Worship. This well-beloved Psalm about God's wonderful and intimate work of creating us reminds us that all we have is because God has given it. God is both the author of our very life and the plans of each day, ordering each by His perfect, precious plan. Reflecting on God's infinite, wise, thoughts will certainly move us to honor and praise our heavenly Father through song!


All that I am I owe to Thee,
Thy wisdom, Lord, has fashioned me;
I give my Maker humblest praise,
Whose wondrous works my soul amaze.

Please search me, O God, my heart discern,
Try me, my inmost thought to learn;
And lead me, if in sin I stray,
To choose the everlasting way.

Ere into being I was brought,
Thine eye did see, and in Thy thought
My life in all its perfect plan
Was ordered, ere my days began.

Thy thoughts, O God, how manifold,
More precious unto me than gold!
I muse on their infinity;
Awaking, I am still with Thee.

Words from The Psalter, 1912. Music by David L. Ward. Based on Psalm 139.
© 2001, admin by Thousand Tongues.


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Great site. We are always looking for Biblically sound hymns set to a congregational singing melodies. We still love those old yet profound hymns of the past.
» Mike on September 4th, 2007
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