Your Love Remains

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This sweet hymn, based on a text by the Scottish hymn-writer Horatius Bonar, assures believers that though their devotion to the Lord may "ebb and flow," the Lord's covenant love and acceptance will never change because it is rooted in his faithfulness. This promise of God to always be for us is our anchor amidst clouds of doubt and waves of sorrow. This peace has been bought and sealed by the precious blood of Jesus, so we need not fear that somehow we can "undo" the grace of God. We can no more undo God's acceptance of us than we could "do" it in the first place. So rest in the promise of God to love you, rooted in His unchanging nature, and sing with all your heart of His amazing kindness and faithfulness to you despite your wavering love towards Him.


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Verse 1:
I hear the words of love, I gaze upon the blood-
Behold, the suffering He bore!
I see the sacrifice that paid redemption's price
And has made my place secure.
His grace will never end, it has been always planned;
He is the everlasting Lord.
And in my deepest pain His love will never change,
He'll always keep His Word.

Despite my cold, unfaithful heart
You never change, You are the same,
Your love remains.
You promised never to depart,
You never change, You are the same,
Your love remains.

Verse 2:
Though clouds of doubt may rise
And storms may sweep my skies
And waves of sorrow He may bring,
This blood-sealed friendship stays
Because of blood-bought grace
From my kind and faithful King.
My love is often low, my joy still ebbs and flows,
And my devotion isn't full,
But peace with Him remains- His grace will never change
And His word will be fulfilled.

Words by David L. Ward & Horatius Bonar (1808-1889). Music by David Ward.
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