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The River God uses the raw power and life-sustaining abilities of rivers 08/27/2010 Updated Hymns
I Once Was Ignorant of Grace In the tradition of songs like “And Can It Be,” 05/29/2009 Hymn Texts
Irresistible Grace The doctrines of grace are sometimes affectionately referred to as 06/26/2008 Updated Hymns
Though I Was a Child of Darkness The doctrine of election (the sovereignty of God in choosing 07/25/2007 Modern Hymns
Sovereign Grace Praise God for His sovereign grace! John Kent, the hymn 01/08/2005 Updated Hymns
My Weak Endeavor This song is based on a hymn by famous songwriter 01/08/2005 Updated Hymns
What Wondrous Cause One of the mysteries of God's love for us is 05/28/2004 Updated Hymns
This Heart of Mine God's word is clear about the condition of sinful humanity, 07/11/2003 Updated Hymns
You've Always Loved Me The doctrine of election is one of the most precious 07/10/2003 Updated Hymns
Such Love Another song about the blessed doctrine of election, "Such Love" 07/10/2003 Updated Hymns

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