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This is the main page for our series of hymns on God's attributes. The idea for this series was born out of a sense of need. While there are many good hymns that touch on various character traits of God, their purpose is not to explore one particular attribute in detail, or to probe that attribute's connection to the gospel or the Christian life. We set out to write these hymns because we believe they can be useful to both ourselves, our immediately families, our church families, and possibly even the global church. Our hope is that whether they be used in private worship, family worship, or public worship, these hymns will point singers to the unfathomable depths of the character of God and help move us to an appropriate response with our lips and our lives.

These hymns follow a regular meter and structure. They have all been written to the same meter as the tune for "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" (EIN FESTE BURG) which is a tune that carries emotional associations of majesty and strength. We chose to write them all in the same meter for lyrical and structural consistency and so that they could instantly and easily be sung since "A Mighty Fortress" is so well known. In the spirit of hymn texts, however, we have composed two additional tunes and encourage anyone to write tunes for particular hymns for their particular congregations or musical sub-cultures. You can find sheet music and recordings for all three tunes at the top and side of this page.

Each attribute has three stanzas. First, an explanation of the attribute (doctrine). These stanzas begin with the phrase "the Lord Is." Second, the attribute's relevance to the gospel. These begin with the phrase "the Lord has." Third, personal application, or the attribute's relevance to our lives. These stanzas begin with the phrase "the Lord will."

Attribute/Hymn list:

(These will become links after each hymn is published)
  The Lord Is One
  The Lord Is Holy
  The Lord Is Constant
  The Lord Is Not in Need
  The Lord Is Sovereign
  The Lord Is Present Everywhere
  The Lord Is Wise
  The Lord Is Righteous
  The Lord Is Jealous
  The Lord Is Angry
  The Lord Is Patient
  The Lord Is Merciful
  The Lord Is Gracious
  The Lord Is Loving
  The Lord Is Faithful

We also wrote one stanza with all 15 attributes intended to serve as an introduction to the series (see below)


The Lord is holy, One in Three, eternal and unchanging;
Sufficient in Himself alone, o’er all creation reigning.
The Lord is ev’rywhere,
All wise and wholly fair,
Of jealous anger full,
Yet patient, merciful,
So gracious, loving, faithful.

By Eric Schumacher & David L. Ward
© 2010


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Great idea David! These are such compact musical nuggets of gospel truth. Our families can surely use these. Thank you for your continued work to spread the word through music.
» Wallace Atwood on January 1st, 2011
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